Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick update:

Danny was moved from CICU to Transplant ICU and is doing well! He still hasn't gotten out of bed but I think they are going to try that today, as well as remove some of the chest tubes. He is having really bad back pain but has ALWAYS had pain in his back, so I didn't expect it to go away. He ate a little yesterday! He is only on 1liter of oxygen, but the nurse turned it off without telling him yesterday and he didn't even notice :) He told me yesterday that if his back wasn't hurting him he would be up running! He also said he's ready to go to the Zoo! Where that came from, I don't know (could be the meds LOL), but I'm ready to take him anywhere he wants to go! In the next couple of days they are going to start teaching him about all the new meds he will be taking. Thanks for all the prayers! We thank the Lord that they were answered and he is recovering nicely!


  1. Yeaaaa! Woohooo, great news! I am just now getting on here ane reading that Danny got his new lungs. So glad things worked out and he's doing so well.

    We aren't having big fun now, Molly was admitted in Children's yesterday so we'll be here 10 to 14 days. Hopefully her lung function will bounce back up soon though, she's on 3 different iv meds this stay.
    You all take care

  2. :) We've waited a LOOOOONG TIME for this!

    I know how those 10-14 day stays go. Birmingham is NOT the FUNNEST place to be. We hope to be home by Thanksgiving or a little after. I hope everything goes well for y'all!