Friday, October 9, 2009


So if you haven't noticed, I'm not really good at blogging everyday. I either have waaaaaay too much to do, or resting from having so much to do. But I have a wonderful update! Two of the six chest tubes are out and he is eating soo much better. Hopefully some of the other chest tubes will come out Monday. His friend Tony, who had double lung transplant only 11 weeks ago, came by to see him.Wednesday. Tony looks wonderful! I can't wait to see Danny gain his weight back! He got out of bed yesterday and sat in the recliner for a while and ate his dinner. Today he was up walking laps around the nurses station, with NO OXYGEN! We had the post-transplant class yesterday. Before the transplant they told us it would be like trading one set of problems for another, and boy are they right! At least he will be able to breathe and enjoy his life while dealing with this set of problems though! I am so excited to see him enjoy his life. He is already laughing and thinking about what all he wants to do when he is able to do so!

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  1. Happy to hear he's doing better and feeling better. Being the mom of a CF child I love happy stories ...