Monday, August 31, 2009

Home for now...

So, I had been staying with Danny at UAB, but got sick Friday night and decided to come home for a few days to keep from giving him any sickness. I headed home Saturday and picked up Ashton. Sunday I was feeling a little better so decided to take Ashton to Chuck E Cheese. Felt good to be able to do something fun with him. Usually its the same old stuff: come home and clean and do laundry so I can pack my bag to head back to stay at the hospital with Danny. Today we got out of the house too. Went to visit a good friend of mine Shelly. We watched Days of Our Lives while Ashton played around. I found out that Danny will have to get a change of antibiotics because obviously some of the others aren't working. He is allergic to the nebulized Collistin, but they are going to try to give him the IV form. I hope they are cautious and watch out for rash and such. When he took it in a neb it slowly started giving him a rash and then his breathing passage started closing up. But I'm hoping that it works and continues to work for him. I'm pretty sure he is sitting at the hospital bored to tears, because he accidently deleted instant messenger from his laptop and I had to bring it home with me to reinstall it. The wifi at the hospital doesn't allow us to get on MySpace or Facebook or any game sites so really IM is the only thing he uses. But on a good note, I have this feeling that we will get a call for new lungs soon. We've been told that he is as far up on the list as he can go! [I believe it when they say you spend more than half of your life waiting....because that's all we have been doing!!] But all we can do is pray and leave it in God's hands. He will take care of us :) I miss Danny and glad that I get to go back and stay the week with him, but I love and enjoy my time at home with Ashton! Ok enough for now. Will hopefully teach myself to keep this thing up to date. It kind of helps me to get things off my chest. Thanks 4 reading :)

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  1. So glad your feeling better and got to have some fun time. I hate how after awhile the hospital starts to feel like jail...but i wouldnt not stay with M for the life of me a bittersweet on CF spouses can get.