Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today Danny has been on his bipap alot. He is short of breath and can't seem to keep it under control. I woke up this morning and paid a few bills before heading to stay with him at UAB for the rest of the week. Ashton went to his dad's house last night, but I will return to pick him up on Friday. Paw (Danny's Grandpa) stopped to talked to me while I was loading my bags in the car, and was just asking how he was. I got here at about 1pm and Danny was sleeping. Been napping since I got here actually. I just hope he sleeps well tonight. He seemed to struggle to get up and travel to the bathroom, while pulling his IV pole behind him. The bathroom really isn't that far, so it kind of worries me. Hopefully I can get him up to take a shower tomorrow, and if that doesn't make him too tired I'll make him get up and walk after dinner maybe. Lately he hasn't been doing very much walking, so hopefully I can get his strength built back up. But, I guess that's all the update I have today. TaTa for now :)

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