Tuesday, September 29, 2009

been a while:

I know it's been a while, but really nothing new going on. Still here waiting. I went home for about 5 days and got to spend my birthday with Ashton. It was wonderful. Things seem to be looking up. Danny got a letter from Social Security telling him that they would not ask him to repay the money that they over paid him [which didn't make sense to me how it was HIS fault], and all the bills this month should be covered by his check. So no worries there. Now, my father in law has figured out what is wrong with my car. I need a transmission. But, it made the 2 hour drive back to the hospital very well :) I just can't drive at night because I don't wanna be broke down in this town in the dark! But, I am just praying that my car lasts me until this whole transplant ordeal is over! Dr. Young came in a while ago and asked Danny again if he is ready to go home. Of course he said 'no'. I pray every night that this call will come. But it worries me that Danny is not up walking like he should be. Every day since I have been back I ask him if he is ready to go for a walk and his response has been 'tomorrow'. What if the call for transplant comes and he has not gotten up and walked further than the bathroom for a month? IDK. All I can do is have faith that he will take me up on my offer to get up and walk. I did go outside for a walk today though. Walked around the block about 4 times. Kind of refreshing to me :) And it is soooooo beautiful outside. Well, almost time for Hell's Kitchen and I can't miss that. LOL. Hopefully the next time I blog it will be about getting that loooooong awaited phone call!! ::crosses fingers::


  1. I sure do hope the call comes soon for you guys!!

    Sometimes when M gets what I call a case of the hospitals (meaning he dont wanna leave and gets lazy) I have to out right just get ugly and nag until he gets up. I dont know what all you guys take to the hospital but M takes his ps3 and computer so I will take the power supply to both and Ill say "you will not get them back until you get up and walk" and most of the time it works!!

    Good Luck!

  2. Found your blog through Kellee.

    Isn't it awful that you suffer through so much with CF and you have to suffer through the financial disaster, too? I have CF, I understand.

    I had to get my transmission rebuilt in Jan. We took out a loan for it and before the loan was paid off I was in an accident and totalled the car. lol My fault and the guy I hit is suing me.

    Hope your husband gets his lungs soon!

  3. Hi! I just noticed you on my list of followers and wanted to come over and say hi.
    I do hope your husband gets the call soon ... I can't imagine being in that situation.
    I guess you noticed by reading my blog my youngest daughter (13 yr old Molly) has CF also.
    We will be making that dreaded trip back to B'ham Tuesday for CF clinic. We went a week ago and her numbers weren't great so the doc gave her two weeks of cipro and if she's not better Tuesday she'll be admitted. Ughhh!
    Her last stay was back in June so really it's about time for a good clean out even though it's no fun at all.
    Lets do stay in touch ....
    Praying the call comes soon

  4. Hi Trixie -

    I found your blog through Kellee and thought I would stroll on through to say hello. Little did I know I'm saying hello to a neighbor. I am currently in-house with Danny.

    Take care and hope you have a good weekend. I know you gave a pretty long drive to and fro the hospital, but if you are and you need anything, please let me know. My family is up here almost everyday and they are always happy to help out when they can.