Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just another day...

Today I'm pleased to report that Danny is feeling better. He said he believes the Meropenem (IV antibiotic) is beginning to tackle the infection. Dr. Young (the doctor he sees in clinic) came in yesterday to see him. We haven't seen him in a while. He told us that they revised something about tissue typing in the transplant guidelines (or something like that lol) and they are hoping that it will be easier to find a match for Danny, which means a better, faster chance to get a pair of lungs for him. We've been told that he is as far up on the transplant list as he can go. So hoping for another call saying that there is a pair for him, except this time we want to skip the part where they come back in and inform us that its a 'no go'. Needless to say, it gave us a little more hope that this looooong wait will come to an end.

This H1N1 thing is scaring me though. My mom told me today that there was a confirmed case in my nieces kindergarten class. So although they live two houses down from us and I love them very very much, we have got to limit the contact with them. Danny cannot afford to get those germs. But if we wash our hands religiously I have faith that we will keep it away from him. There has also been 38 cases reported in the Morgan County School System (which we live). So that doesn't mean that we can't catch it from anywhere.

I am SUPER glad I get to pick Ashton up tomorrow from his daddy's. We hope we still get to come see Danny on Saturday. Danny's friend Josh lost his license so he hasn't been able to come see him in a while. So I am going to bring him and Ashton. Loooong drive, but makes Danny feel better to see different people (although my smiling face should be enough:])!! I have also just realized that it was about this time last year that Danny had to start enduring the stays that exceeded his normal 14 days in the hospital. Since then, he has been home no longer than 16 days at a time, sometimes not even being able to stay 24 hours. He was in the hospital for my birthday last year, Ashton's birthday, his birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day this Jyear, Easter, and I honestly can't remember if he was home for 4th of July or not?! He missed his dad's wedding and all the other events that I KNOW he would have loved to attend.

On a better note he is glad to actually be WAITING on lungs (if that makes any sense). He is looking forward to being able to actually take vacations to the beach, play ball with Ashton, take walks in the park, and enjoy the everyday things that we take for granted. But enough ramblin' from me. Bye 4 now...

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